– The DMV takes your license for 30 days. You may be eligible for a limited driving privilege ten full days following your arrest. To get the limited privilege, you must have a DWI assessment.
– As required by the state of North Carolina we will obtain a recent lifelong copy of your North Carolina driving record for review to ensure accuracy.

-The assessment takes approximately 1 hour. You will be asked to bring to your appointment all related documents including proof of blood alcohol concentration or refusal, a copy of your citation, and all driving records from other states that you may have previously been licensed in. At the time of your appointment all documents that you are able to provide will be reviewed and you will be asked to complete a short demographics form. When intake is completed you will be interviewed by a clinician. At the end of your assessment you will be given a treatment recommendation. The NC DMV requires that every person convicted of a DWI must complete a level of education or treatment to regain their driving privilege. At the completion of your appointment a letter documenting your assessment results is forwarded to your attorney so that you may obtain a limited driving privilege, if you are eligible.
– Your case may go to court right away or may be put off for a lengthy amount of time. Your assessment is only valid for 6 months. If you choose not to begin your classes within the six month time frame, you will be required by the state to obtain and pay for a new assessment.
– If you are found not guilty, you are not required to complete the recommended treatment. However, if you are convicted of your DWI, you are required to participate in the treatment recommended at the time of your assessment if you wish to regain your driving privileges again in North Carolina.